Infectious Positivity - Aventurine Tree

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Intention building

When you use it for the first time, think of the intention you have for this piece and visualize yourself with the positive results.


Aventurine is known for its properties to cleanse our souls of its traumas and negative emotions. The "Infectious Positivity - Aventurine Tree" is an amazing way to create a high-vibe corner in your bedroom, living room or office so that every time you look at that corner, you feel happy, positive and blessed. The frequency coming out of the crystals clears out blocked energies and lets you retain only positive and happy emotions while embracing and releasing the negative ones.

  • Purpose: Soul-soothing energy
  • Style: Feng Shui
  • Material: Aventurine
  • Function: Healing
  • Item Shape: Tree
  • Item Weight: 50-100g
  • Height: 80-100mm
  • Width: 80-120mm

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